What's DAFeed?

DAFeed is a PHP script that can log in to a DevianART account and generate a RSS feed from the deviantWATCH items (with thumbnails!) and/or other messages that appear in the account, like comments, journal entries and so on. You can create a feed below (it's free), or download the standalone version of the script and run it on your own server.

Get a Feed

You will need to enter your DeviantART username and password to allow the script to access your message center and generate the RSS feed.

Delete a Feed

You can remove your feed at any time. Don't worry, deleting the feed here will not affect your DA account in any way.


This is the FAQ for the feed generator hosted on this server. Some items apply to the standalone version, too.

Will you store my DA messages on your server or something like that?
No. The script only accesses your account when generating the feed (that is, whenever your feed reader requests it), it doesn't store or cache the messages/devWATCH notifications on this server (BTW, please don't kill my server by setting the feed to update every minute, okay?).

If I read something in the feed, will it also be marked as read on DA?
No. The script will not remove, or mark as read, any of the messages in your DA account.

I changed my DA password. How can I change it for the RSS generator, too?
At this time, you can't. You need to delete the feed (see above) using your previous password and then create a new feed with your current password.

What if someone gets hold of my feed URL?
You shouldn't give away the RSS URL. It can't be used to gain access to your DA account (it doesn't contain the username/password), but anyone who knows the address will be able to see what comments/notifications you get.

The RSS feed isn't working/updating/ate my dog!
Tough :P
My technical resources are limited, so don't expect 100% uptime. The RSS generator can go down at any moment and without notice. There may be bugs, glitches and whatnot. No warranties.

Who created this script?
A sentient entity sometimes identified as W-Shadow. I'm also on DeviantART as ~w-shadow. Male, 22, live in a small European country. In the unlikely event that you want to contact me, the fastest way is probably email : whiteshadow(at)w-shadow.com

DAFeed © 2008-2009 W-Shadow. Not affiliated with DeviantART in any way.